Regular Events

The below review includes the hiking routes and the events convened annually on the Golden Route of the Bohemian Paradise.

Regular hiking routes


Hiking in the Bohemian Paradise – Rumcajs route


Hiking in the region of Czech glassmakers

The Bohemian Paradise for children – opening the tourist season in the Bohemian Paradise within the game „Za pověstmi Českého ráje” (“Following of the Bohemian Paradise legends“). Children and adults can enjoy a route full of tasks and questions, and meet the characters from the Bohemian Paradise legends.,

Fifty kilometres hike from Mladá Boleslav - traditional hike of the Czech Tourist Club with the offer of various route lengths both for the hikers and the cyclists.


Fairytale forest in Rovensko pod Troskami – wandering in a beautiful countryside of Borecké rocks changed into the fairytale land. A steam train will travel to the fairytale forest from Turnov.


Líšenské hiking routes in the Bohemian Paradise